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Tech Nation Update

As of March 31st, 2023, Tech Nation has officially ceased operations in its current form, following the award of its core government grant funding to Barclays Bank. However, Tech Nation is still accepting new Global Talent endorsement applications until a new endorsing body is in place. The Global Talent Visa is a visa scheme for talented individuals who want to work in the UK's tech sector. Tech Nation has been responsible for endorsing applications under the Global Talent Visa route, which includes identifying and endorsing exceptional talent and promising individuals in the technology field.

Tech Nation, founded in 2010, has played a significant role in shaping the trajectory and success of the UK tech industry. Over the last decade, Tech Nation has fuelled the growth of game-changing founders, leaders, and scaling companies, providing them with the coaching, content, and community they need to positively transform societies and economies. Tech Nation has facilitated and helped UK tech companies scale, both at home and abroad. Over 40 cohorts and 1,000+ companies have successfully graduated from Tech Nation's growth programmes, including Skyscanner, Darktrace, and Monzo, as well as three of the UK's 'decacorns': Revolut, Wise, and Farfetch. Additionally, a third of tech unicorns ever created in the UK have passed through one of its growth programs.

Tech Nation has entered into discussions with Founders Forum Group (FF Group), a global community and group of businesses supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journeys. FF Group's forums unite the world's most influential founders, investors, corporate and government leaders to tackle era-defining questions in iconic locations across the globe. Since 2019, Founders Forum has partnered with Informa Tech to celebrate the strength and diversity of UK tech through London Tech Week. FF Group plans to adopt Tech Nation's internationally renowned brand lineup into its existing portfolio of events and services tailored to entrepreneurs. The hope is to build on the great work of Tech Nation and continue to serve as the collective voice of founders and investors across the UK, collaborating with media, government, and industry to entrench the UK as a world-renowned startup hub and leading innovation economy.

In sum, Tech Nation's legacy is one of exceptional growth and prosperity for the UK tech industry. The talks with FF Group have generated optimism for the future of Tech Nation's brand, which FF Group hopes to continue building upon to help more UK founders scale groundbreaking ideas, keeping the UK at the centre of tech innovation. Tech Nation's founding CEO, Gerard Grech, stated that "we are very excited to be in discussions with Founders Forum Group, which we think is well-placed to build on the legacy that Tech Nation has created over the last 10 years, given their ethos and approach to supporting entrepreneurs at every stage." Tech Nation Chair, Stephen Kelly, also expressed his enthusiasm, saying "it is immensely positive news for the UK that FF Group is excited to explore what more can be done to create another golden decade."

We will continue to watch this space.

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