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Christopher Dias is an expert solicitor specialising in immigration law, with a rich career spanning over 21 years. As the co-founder of Lawyery Limited, Chris has established himself as an expert in business immigration law. He is recognised for his deep understanding and expertise in handling Sponsor Licence applications, Skilled Worker applications, Global Business Migration, and Global Talent Endorsement applications. Chris is known for his holistic approach to immigration matters, offering comprehensive solutions that consider the broader implications of each case.


Educationally, Chris holds an LL.B (Hons) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and completed his LPC at the College of Law London. He was admitted as a Solicitor in England & Wales in 2001. Prior to his current role at Lawyery, he served as a Partner and Head of Immigration at Dias Solicitors, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to the field of immigration law. His extensive career includes roles at Horsfield Menzies and Gunnercooke LLP, among others.


One of the hallmarks of Chris's career is his success in handling high-profile and complex immigration cases. His recent achievements include:


Assisting a PLC: In 2023, Chris was instrumental in helping a PLC that had inadvertently let their Sponsor Licence lapse. He successfully obtained a new Licence for the client without any penalty, showcasing his ability to navigate complex bureaucratic challenges.


Fintech Investor: Also in 2023, Chris was engaged by a major Israeli fintech investor looking to relocate to the UK. Through his expertise, the investor was able to secure a Global Talent visa, based on his reputation as a founder and investor.


Innovator Founder: In a particularly challenging case, Chris assisted a Chinese graduate of a UK university with less than a month left on his visa. He helped the client prepare a business plan, secure funding, and obtain endorsement for an Innovator Founder visa, successfully navigating the new system under tight deadlines.


Australian Artist's Global Talent: Chris's expertise was pivotal in securing a 3-year exceptional talent visa for an Australian singer/songwriter under the Global Talent visa route in 2022.


Tech Unicorn Case: In 2022, he assisted a successful tech unicorn, which underwent a technical change of ownership. Chris adeptly managed the complexities of reporting the change, surrendering and reapplying for a new Sponsor Licence, and transferring all existing Sponsored workers to the new entity.

Restaurant sponsor licence expertise:  From 2022 to 2023, Chris has spearheaded the initiative to make Lawyery the provider of choice for the restaurant industry in choosing an immigration partner law firm.  He has successfully obtained Sponsor Licences and Skilled Workers Chefs for Romulo Cafe in Kensington, Kasa & Kin in Soho, Spoon & Rice which has various branches including Croydon and Wembley, Amie's Kitchen in Seaford, and The Milk House in Sissinghurst.


Ethical Immigration Advice Code of Conduct: In 2023, in response to the negative perception and unethical conduct within the immigration law sector, Chris has been proactive in addressing these challenges. He has been a vocal advocate for ethical practices, highlighting this in his articles on the Lawyery blog. In one such article, he discusses the UK Government's stance on immigration and the challenges faced by immigration lawyers due to public perception and government policies. Chris emphasises the importance of a code of ethics for immigration lawyers to regain public trust and uphold professional standards. As a testament to his commitment to ethical practices, he has founded, which features a 10-point code of ethics for immigration lawyers, and is supported in this initiative by a handful of ethical solicitor firms who advocate for similar standards.


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Horsfield Menzies
2017-2021 | Gunnercooke LLP
2008-2022 | Dias solicitors
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2004-2008 | Cunningtons LLP
2001-2004 | West London Firm

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"Chris was able to build a strong case and make it a success through his knowledge, legal expertise and sagacity to anticipate several moves ahead"

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