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Irene Kamya is a highly accomplished immigration lawyer, whose career is distinguished by her expertise in immigration law, particularly within the education sector. Her multiple qualifications as a solicitor in England and Wales (since 2009) and the Republic of Ireland (since 2017) as well as Scotland (since 2023) underscore her extensive legal knowledge and adaptability and enables her to practice across jurisdictional divides.


Irene's reputation as an immigration law expert has been solidified through her roles in the immigration departments of prestigious firms such as KPMG, Taylor Rose MW, Charles Russell Speechlys, and Dias Solicitors. These positions have been instrumental in establishing her as a respected figure in the field.


Within the education sector, Irene is renowned as a trusted legal advisor, particularly in matters related to academic sponsorship, including CAS or Global Talent, and in the management of Sponsor Licences. Her experience is particularly notable in her roles as in-house counsel at the University of Sussex and The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Here, Irene has demonstrated her proficiency in navigating complex immigration issues, ensuring compliance and facilitating international academic collaboration. Currently, Irene is making significant contributions at King's College University London.

Case Study Highlights:


  • The London Borough of Sutton: Irene has played a pivotal role in obtaining skilled worker visas for The London Borough of Sutton. This involved a detailed understanding of the new points-based immigration system and the intricacies of Skilled Worker visa applications. Her strategic guidance and thorough preparation for UKVI Compliance Audits were instrumental in ensuring a smooth process for the borough, demonstrating her ability to handle complex immigration requirements for public sector entities.


  • King's College London & The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Managing the Sponsor Licence for these prestigious educational institutions has been a significant part of Irene's role. This encompasses not only ensuring compliance with UKVI regulations but also providing strategic advice to maintain and leverage the institutions' ability to attract global talent. Her work in these institutions highlights her expertise in handling high-stakes, complex immigration issues within the education sector.


  • Immigration knowledge expert: In her roles at Charles Russell and Taylor Rose, Irene Kamya served as an Immigration Knowledge Officer, a position that placed her at the forefront of immigration law developments. Her responsibilities in this role were crucial for keeping the departments she worked with at the cutting edge of legal practice. Irene was tasked with the ongoing monitoring of changes and advancements in immigration law, a task that required continuous research, analysis, and interpretation of complex legal frameworks. Her role also included disseminating this information internally, ensuring that the legal teams she worked with were always updated on the latest immigration laws and policies. This role highlights Irene's commitment to professional development, her ability to stay abreast of the dynamic field of immigration law, and her skill in effectively communicating complex legal concepts within her team, thus enhancing the overall expertise of the departments she was part of.


  • Ugandan diaspora: Irene is becoming well known in her community, her extensive experience includes successful representation in complex immigration cases at both the First and Upper Tribunal levels, operating an immigration clinic, and presenting at various webinars and conferences on immigration matters. She has also served as a guest speaker on local radio stations, highlighting her commitment to providing legal advice to those in need.   Irene's work involves a wide range of immigration cases, such as visit visas, student visas, spouse entry and overstayers. This broad spectrum of expertise is crucial in catering to a diverse clientele, including a significant number from Uganda and the African continent.

Irene Kamya's career is characterised by her deep understanding of immigration law, her ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, and her commitment to providing tailored, effective solutions to her clients. Her work in both the public sector and prestigious educational institutions reflects her versatile capabilities and her status as a leading expert in immigration law.

"Ms. Kamya was exceptionally well-prepared and knowledgeable about both the case, and the immigration law surrounding it.  Excellent service."

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