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We think a modern law firm should keep it simple.

Here are our '5 Steps to Access' quality legal advice:

STEP 1 - Search

Search for the solicitor you need on our site by browsing the lawyer profiles listed.  Alternatively, use our unique algorithm which can be utilised to find the perfect lawyer match for your case.

STEP 2 - Book

There are two ways to book an appointment with our lawyers:

(a) Use the 'appointment' link on the profile to view the solicitor's online calendar to self-book an appointment with the solicitor of your choice; or

(b) Use the 'email' link on the profile to contact the solicitor direct by email to request an appointment with the solicitor.

STEP 3 - Confirm

You will receive an email to confirm the booking, with a calendar reminder and a link to the online meeting.  It will be made clear upon booking the solicitor as to whether the appointment is free or chargeable.

STEP 4 - Attend

When you attend the online meeting, our lawyer will discuss the case with you, they will assess your case and they will give you a price quote for completion of your case.  If they cannot help you they will tell you why.

STEP 5 - Decide

You decide if you wish to accept or refuse the quote.  As simple as that.

If you accept the quote, you will be sent out a Fee Agreement setting out the Terms of our Engagement, including full price information about your case and details about the Firm's regulation and your rights and obligations as a client, for you to sign.  







We are actively looking for new lawyers to join our team, and there will be new lawyers covering exciting new areas of law joining soon.

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