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 at and set yourself free, using our manifesto: a white paper for the modern lawyer 

Our vision:

We want to empower our lawyers:

- to allow them to work from anywhere, be that from a home office or virtually as a digital nomad

- to ensure a healthy  work / life balance by setting your own limits on meetings and client numbers

- to achieve these goals with technology via our online platform 

Our core values:

- we value all our team, from the office administrators to the lawyers

- we value our professionalism, in how we deal with our clients, our users and our members

- we value the user experience of our lawyers and our clients

How works:


Lawyery provide the regulatory, compliance and insurance umbrella for our member lawyers to continue to practice law as a qualified lawyer in England and Wales


Lawyery will provide the online platform for our member lawyers to interact with clients so that they can work from anywhere in the world (subject to an internet connection).  This includes a full lawyer profile and inclusion in our unique algorithm to match clients to our member lawyers


The member lawyer sets their calendar of availability for clients to book appointments.  This can be amended whenever they wish, allowing for truly flexible working and ultimate control of work/life balance


The member lawyer agrees a price with the client, and provides the agreed service


Lawyery will bill the client and share the fee with the member lawyer


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The perks of membership:

- business cards
- bespoke email and Microsoft 365 membership
- cloud based storage of your files

- access to our hub office in central London
- online marketing and business growth support
- online collaborative case management software
- support with file management and billing
- cpd courses online
- access to paralegal and trainee support
- social and networking events

why lawyery Chris.png

Chris Dias qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and is regarded as an expert in Immigration  Law.  He is the Founder of and he is an immigration law specialist at Horsfield Menzies which has offices in London and Manchester, and was a Partner at Dias Solicitors for 13 years.  


"Lawyery is the successor to Dias Solicitors, and incorporates a new way for lawyers to work in a modern world. I have found it liberating to have the freedom to work online and control my own hours and pace of work, and have committed myself to bring this way of life to other lawyers."

Crystal is the award-winning founder of Dias solicitors and is known for her empathy with her clients and her first rate knowledge of immigration and family law.  Crystal works to promote and advocate for migrant and women's rights, and belongs to: Filipino Women's Association (Vice Chair), Filipina Women's Network, Mentor Alumni for the Cherie Blair Foundation, Kanlungan legal advisor, ENFID Europe legal advisor, Juan Eu Konek (presenter)

The values we encourage members to embrace:

- a commitment to train the next generation of lawyers, by participating in our mentorship scheme

- a commitment to give your time to pro bono work to a charity or voluntary organisation of your choice that utilises your legal skills

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