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At Lawyery, we are proud to offer mentorship schemes that focus on providing placements and guidance to women, particularly those of Filipino or ethnic minority descent. This commitment stems from our co-founder Crystal Dias' dedication to empowering women within her own community and other ethnic minority or disadvantaged communities. We believe in introducing aspiring individuals to the world of law, offering mentorship, and providing support wherever possible. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy of strong female lawyers who uplift and empower each other, fostering a culture of collaboration and solidarity rather than rivalry.

Through our mentorship schemes, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where aspiring female lawyers can gain valuable insights, guidance, and mentorship from experienced professionals. We understand the unique challenges and barriers faced by women from ethnic minority backgrounds, and we aim to provide the necessary resources and support to help overcome these obstacles.


Crystal Dias' personal commitment to empowering women stems from her own experiences and the recognition of the need for representation and support within the legal profession. By offering mentorship and guidance, we aim to bridge the gap and create opportunities for aspiring female lawyers to thrive and succeed.

Our mentorship schemes provide a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and advice, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among women in the legal field. We believe in the power of mentorship to inspire and uplift, creating a network of strong female lawyers who not only excel individually but also actively support and uplift each other.

Through our mentorship initiatives, we strive to leave a lasting impact on the legal profession by empowering women, particularly those from Filipino or ethnic minority backgrounds, to reach their full potential. We are committed to cultivating a supportive and inclusive legal community where all individuals can thrive, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for success.

Although the focus of the scheme is as above, there is no formal criteria and we welcome applications from all genders and ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  Just email your CV and explain why you think you would benefit from a placement as well as when you would be available. 

Crystal has also teamed with Juan EU Konek, a filipino community news organisation founded by Rose Eclarinal, to link the Lawyery mentorships with the Juan EU Konek Mentorship programme, which gives young mentees exposure to both the legal world and the media world, and benefits from funding from the National Lottery Community Fund:

Please note that we cannot guarantee placements as we are a small law firm. 

We would normally expect an applicant to apply for the mentorship scheme before they apply for a Training Contract.

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