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Permission Granted: Updates on Permitted Activities for UK Business Visitors

In a dynamic shift that signifies the UK's adaptability to the global business landscape, recent amendments to the immigration rules have broadened the scope of permitted activities for visitors.  In this article I will concentrate on the permitted activities for those visiting for business, as part of intra-corporate engagements, and for lawyers. These changes reflect the UK's commitment to fostering an open, business-friendly environment while ensuring compliance with immigration policies. This post delves into these significant updates, offering a comprehensive overview for prospective visitors and corporations planning to engage with the UK market.

Expanded Horizons for Business Visitors

The UK has historically been a hub for international business, and the recent updates further streamline the process for business visitors. The changes aim to simplify and clarify the activities business visitors can undertake, which includes attending meetings, conferences, and seminars, engaging in fact-finding missions, and negotiating and signing deals and contracts. Importantly, the new rules offer clearer guidance on the extent of engagement with UK-based clients, ensuring that visitors can participate in a wider range of business-related activities without the need for a work visa.

Key Highlights for Business Visitors:

  • Enhanced Clarity on Permissible Activities: Clear guidelines on what constitutes acceptable business activities, helping visitors stay compliant while engaging in productive business ventures.

  • Extended Scope for Business Engagement: Visitors can now engage more deeply with UK businesses, including participating in certain project-based work, under specific conditions, without transitioning to a work visa.

Intra-Corporate Visitors: Bridging Global Operations

For multinational corporations, the intra-corporate visitor rules have been tailored to accommodate the seamless movement of personnel across borders. This is particularly beneficial for short-term projects, training, and meetings that require the presence of employees from overseas branches, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies.

Key Updates for Intra-Corporate Visitors:

  • Short-Term Assignments and Projects: Employees can now undertake specific projects or roles within the UK entity of their organization, provided these do not extend beyond the visitor visa's duration limits.

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: There is a clearer framework for employees visiting for the purpose of receiving or delivering training and for participating in knowledge transfer initiatives, emphasising the temporary nature of such visits.

Legal Professionals: Facilitating International Legal Practice

Legal professionals visiting the UK have received particular attention in the recent updates, with provisions designed to support the international practice of law. Lawyers can now provide direct advice to UK clients on international law and their home jurisdiction's law, participate in negotiations, and prepare for court proceedings in the UK.

Key Points for Legal Professionals:

  • Direct Client Advice: Lawyers can advise on international legal matters directly to clients in the UK, enhancing the scope for international legal consultancy.

  • Participation in Legal Proceedings: The updates clarify the extent to which lawyers can engage in preparatory work for legal proceedings, including arbitration, mediation, and litigation, within the UK.


These updates mark a significant step forward in making the UK an even more attractive destination for international business and professional activities. By clarifying and expanding the scope of permitted activities for visitors, the UK government demonstrates its commitment to facilitating global business mobility and legal practice. As always, visitors are encouraged to consult the latest immigration rules or seek professional advice to ensure compliance and make the most of the opportunities these changes present.

For businesses, intra-corporate visitors, and legal professionals, the revised rules offer a more flexible and clear framework for engaging with UK counterparts. Whether it's sealing a deal, participating in corporate training, or advising on legal matters, the UK is open for business, ready to welcome the world's professionals with open arms.

As we navigate these changes, the landscape of business and professional engagement in the UK continues to evolve, promising new opportunities and fostering a dynamic environment for international collaboration and growth.


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